1. Summit 2015 Key Visual

    Club e-Luxe International Summit 2015

    Club e-Luxe International Summit 2015 ! We are pleased to announce that the 2015 Club e-Luxe International Summit will be held on the 4th June 2015 at Hotel Shangri La Paris, France. The theme of the 2015 Club e-Luxe International Summit is “Smart Luxury: Taking Luxury into the Smart Age” and based on this theme, […]


    Enter the extraordinary and unique world of INÉS FIGAREDO!

    Published on 28th March 2014 If you have not heard of INÉS FIGAREDO and its original and eye-popping collections, you are in the right place to not only learn more about this incredible luxury accessories brand but also to win one of her very exclusive luxury handbags! INÉS FIGAREDO is a Spanish luxury brand that […]

  3. Meno-Collection-18k-White-Gold-Pave-ME2-by-Danhov-Designer-Engagement-Ring-big11130

    Splintered Stars, Frozen Tears of the Gods, or Royal Asscher Diamonds?

    Published on 28th March 2014 Diamonds have fascinated and charmed mankind since the beginning of times. Splintered stars, as the Greeks would call them, or frozen tears of the Gods, diamonds are in reality crystallizations of carbon, formed by the same process as the one that results incoal. However, it is precisely the rarity of […]

  4. 140304-chanel-supermarket-02_b1a127f1f35e2679b2620613d641a253

    Fashion Week – When the great luxury houses are revolutionizing the podium

    Published on 24th March 2014 How can we define a fashion show these days? Does it mean the same thing it did 50 years ago or has this concept become more unexpected, more modern, more technological and more creative? Let’s do a retrospective and analyze this aspect more clearly! The concept of fashion shows has […]

  5. Image 1

    A Case for the Creative and Cultural Economies

    Published on 24th March 2014 Just two months ago in January 2014, the world witnessed one of the most admired heads of states of our time Park Geun-Hye of South Korea make an unprecedented case for the creative and cultural economies. The occasion was the annual World Economic Forum held annually in Davos, which gathers […]

  6. ParrotZIK_RoseGold PETIT

    Wearable Technology – Is this The New Frontier for Digital Luxury?

    A new buzz word has emerged in the digital luxury arena, and no, it is not f-commerce neither is it shoppable videos.

  7. PuredistanceI PETIT

    A Unique Voyage of the Senses with Puredistance Master Perfumes!

    Published on 13th, February 2014 Have you ever wondered why scent is so personal? Or why it triggers the most endearing of memories? Puredistance could unlock this secret for you. Puredistance is an esteemed Perfume House that offers a truly exclusive collection of five timeless Master Perfumes created in London, Paris & New York by […]

  8. stylite petit

    Couronne, The Eastern Luxury Leather goods Brand Crowning the West

    Published on 13th, February 2014 Can an accident create history? Can a chance encounter lead to a pioneering path? Can a latent passion be reawakened by a pastime? The emergence of Couronne gives a nod in the affirmative. Couronne, the luxury leather goods and accessories brand whose birth was a result of the fusion of […]

  9. The Parisian Woman's Ten Wardrobe Essentials-2 thumbnail

    The Ten Timeless Items in Every Parisian’s Wardrobe

    Published on 13th, February 2014 There is a popular saying that when a French woman dresses, you don’t see the dress but you see the woman. But when a Parisian woman dresses what do you see? Some would say her chic style; others may suggest her smug attitude while for some it would be her […]

  10. van cleef

    Ten Questions for Marie Vallanet-Delhom, Director, L’Ecole Van Cleef & Arpels

    Published on 13th, February 2014 1.     You created the L’Ecole Van Cleef & Arpels, which offers an opportunity for the public to share the expertise of craftsmanship behind your jewellery excellence. This is a first in the domain of “haute joaillerie”. What led Van Cleef & Arpels to create this Jewellery Institute? We created this […]

  11. Valentino 2014 - thumbnail

    From West to East and South: The Luxury Journey of the 21st Century

    Published on 13th, February 2014 In March 2013, something happened at the legendary American luxury jewellery brand Tiffany & Co. There was an announcement that one of the brand’s shareholders had increased its stake in the company through the acquisition of an additional 3.2 million shares, bringing its total shares to 15.9 million, and thereby […]

  12. Club e-Luxe Breakfast Seminar 2014 - Cover Image V2

    Club e-Luxe International Summit 2014

    Thursday 5th June 2014, Hotel Le Meurice, Paris Luxe Corp is pleased to announce the 2014 Club e-Luxe International Summit to be held on the 5th June at Hotel Le Meurice, Paris. The theme of the 2014 Club e-Luxe International Summit is “Virtual + Physical Luxury: Striking a Balance Between High-Tech & High-Touch”, and based […]

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    Club e-Luxe International Summit 2013

    Wednesday 12th June 2013, Hotel Le Meurice, Paris Luxe Corp is pleased to announce the 2013 Club e-Luxe International Summit to be held on the 12th June at Hotel Le Meurice, Paris. The theme of the 2013 Club e-Luxe International Summit is “The Web Economy- Understanding How Digital Media is Re-writing the Rules of Luxury […]

  15. The International Herald Tribune Luxury Conference

    The International Herald Tribune Luxury Conference: THE PROMISE OF AFRICA, THE POWER OF MEDITERRANEAN Thursday 15th and Friday 16th November 2012, Cavalieri Hotel, Roma Since its inception in 2001, the International Herald Tribune’s annual Luxury business conference has become the essential forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas for the fashion and luxury industry. […]

  16. 05

    Counterfeiting? No, Thanks

    If you take a walk along the cobble stone narrow streets of the fashionable Xintindi district of Shanghai, you’re most likely to come across a crowd of immaculately dressed Chinese city dwellers mixing effortlessly with foreigners from countries as wide ranging as Australia, the US, India and Belgium. Perched on the terrace cafés and open […]

  17. TiffanyandCo

    Why Tiffany’s Multimedia Campaign Rocks!

    The lateness of luxury brands in adopting digital media has been much written about in recent years; the most lax of luxury brands in the digital space have also been

  18. Feature Image

    Paris’ Best Contemporary Design Now

    Fashion, beauty, romance, fine dining and luxury living are undoubtedly synonymous with Paris, in addition to other enticing fascinations that our beloved city of light has to offer. But when we think of design, particularly contemporary art and design, there is a shift in perceptions and a tendency to move away from Paris and on […]

  19. 03

    Ten questions for Lina H. Creative Director & Founder of Analeena

    The luxury handbag brand Analeena can best be described in its own words; unadulterated luxury, unquestionable craftsmanship, undeniable art. With contemporary designs made by experienced craftsman using traditional techniques, Analeena’s collections recall luxury of a bygone era. Created in 2008 by Lina H. who honed her skills working for Hermès and Gianfranco Ferre, Analeena aims […]

  20. 01

    Party with Farah Khan This Month!

    If you’ve ever imagined yourself on the red carpet surrounded by hundreds of fans and photographers who can’t seem to get enough of your beauty and charm, your dream may just be about to come true! This month we’re giving away a stunning hand-embroidered cocktail dress by star designer Farah Khan, worth €1,000! Try your […]

  21. Angel dress by Jovian Mandagie 1

    Here Comes the Asian Star

    Once in a while we come across a designer, product, concept or initiative that makes our hearts palpitate with excitement and our emotions charged with delight. Sometimes it is the design of a product or collection; at other times it is the concept of a store; and in some cases it is the innovation behind […]

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    Explore books, articles and journals on the business of luxury

    Luxury Online – Styles, Systems, Strategies Luxury Online – Styles, Systems, Strategies by Luxe Corp’s Executive Director, Uché Okonkwo, with a Foreword by Mark Dunhill, former CEO of Fabergé , is the first book to critically analyze the business of luxury in the context of the internet, digital media, new technologies and innovation. Published in […]

  23. Congrès Espaces & Luxe

    Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th October 2011, Maison de la Magie, Blois, France The second edition of the Espaces & Luxe congress will gather all luxury professionals, major brands, retailers, designers, architects and manufacturers who will be able to address the following current issues: The democratisation of luxury : risks and opportunities New point of […]

  24. Farah Khan Showroom & Private Salon

    Wednesday 28th September to Friday 7th October 2011, 21 rue Cambon, Paris See, touch, feel, try, know and get Farah Khan at the designer’s Showroom & Private Luxury Salon during the Paris Fashion Week. Farah Khan’s arresting collections of elegant, sophisticated and glamorous dresses give an undeniable nod to the sensuality of today’s stylish woman. […]

  25. Vendôme Luxury Trade Show

    Friday 30th September to Monday 3rd October 2011, Hôtel Le Meurice, Park Hyatt Hotel and Hôtel d’Evreux, Paris The Vendôme Luxury Trade Show provides luxury brands with a special trading space to meet buyers, media professionals and fashion personalities from around the world. Over the years, the Vendôme Luxury Trade Show has built its reputation […]

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