1. 140304-chanel-supermarket-02_b1a127f1f35e2679b2620613d641a253

    Fashion Week – When the great luxury houses are revolutionizing the podium

    Published on 24th March 2014 How can we define a fashion show these days? Does it mean the same thing it did 50 years ago or has this concept become more unexpected, more modern, more technological and more creative? Let’s do a retrospective and analyze this aspect more clearly! The concept of fashion shows has […]

  2. ParrotZIK_RoseGold PETIT

    Wearable Technology – Is this The New Frontier for Digital Luxury?

    A new buzz word has emerged in the digital luxury arena, and no, it is not f-commerce neither is it shoppable videos.

  3. TiffanyandCo

    Why Tiffany’s Multimedia Campaign Rocks!

    The lateness of luxury brands in adopting digital media has been much written about in recent years; the most lax of luxury brands in the digital space have also been

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