1. Meno-Collection-18k-White-Gold-Pave-ME2-by-Danhov-Designer-Engagement-Ring-big11130

    Splintered Stars, Frozen Tears of the Gods, or Royal Asscher Diamonds?

    Published on 28th March 2014 Diamonds have fascinated and charmed mankind since the beginning of times. Splintered stars, as the Greeks would call them, or frozen tears of the Gods, diamonds are in reality crystallizations of carbon, formed by the same process as the one that results incoal. However, it is precisely the rarity of […]

  2. stylite petit

    Couronne, The Eastern Luxury Leather goods Brand Crowning the West

    Published on 13th, February 2014 Can an accident create history? Can a chance encounter lead to a pioneering path? Can a latent passion be reawakened by a pastime? The emergence of Couronne gives a nod in the affirmative. Couronne, the luxury leather goods and accessories brand whose birth was a result of the fusion of […]

  3. Angel dress by Jovian Mandagie 1

    Here Comes the Asian Star

    Once in a while we come across a designer, product, concept or initiative that makes our hearts palpitate with excitement and our emotions charged with delight. Sometimes it is the design of a product or collection; at other times it is the concept of a store; and in some cases it is the innovation behind […]

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