Why Tiffany’s Multimedia Campaign Rocks! By Uché

The lateness of luxury brands in adopting digital media has been much written about in recent years; the most lax of luxury brands in the digital space have also been much reported about; as well as the most catastrophic digital initiatives by otherwise famously creative luxury brands.

What we don’t often read about however is the exceptionally creative and brilliant digital initiatives that pop up in the luxury space once in a while, indicating that the era of “luxury online is unfashionable” is indeed here.

One of these remarkable digital initiatives is Tiffany’s Multi-Media Communications campaign “What Makes Love True”.  Based on the concept of the art of love and romance, Tiffany & Co uses this simple human attribute to create a universe charged of emotional sensibilities, presented in a highly immersive virtual environment.

Comprising of rich content including visually arresting images; cool videos of real people and children (bless them!) recounting the meaning of true love and their real-life love encounters; text with timeless advice from experienced couples; useful tips on real romantic locations including restaurants, gardens and museums; a heart-melting video campaign of a simulated wedding, accompanied by an equally touching custom rendering of the love song “You’re The First, The Last, My Everything”; an interactive love map; and others, this website is a real romantic gem. It not only brings wide grins to the face, but it also really really warms the heart, touching on perhaps the most important element for luxury brands: emotional connection with people.

But why do we think that this initiative rocks? Here are a few reasons.

1. The website is real, authentic and true. It is based on a real human concept and is centered on real people, real stories, real emotions, real experiences, real places and real songs. There are no conceited inventions, false pretensions and unnecessary fabrications. Every aspect of the content is real.

2. The does not impose (as luxury brands are accustomed to doing) but relates with people through the excellent manner in which the presentation of the content has been approached. The website demonstrates that today’s web (and indeed luxury) is about sharing emotions and not about dictating.

3. The signature of brand is not lost in the digital mix. The codes of the Tiffany brand are present on every page of the website irrespective of the nature of the content. The visuals, colours, style, expressions, language, forms, shapes and movements all spell Tiffany & Co. You don’t need a logo to confirm to you that this is a Tiffany & Co website.

4. The dream factor is not lost. This website has an A+ in the use of sensory codes to ignite the dream factor and arouse emotional responses in people. Just watch the simulated wedding or the adorable kids giving their take on the meaning of love and you’ll understand what we mean. If luxury is really about making people dream and aspire towards pleasure, then this is the proof.

5. There is no blatant product display on this website, as is common in luxury digital campaigns. Although Tiffany & Co is a luxury brand with the bottom line of profitability, the products have not be pushed in the face of the client; but have rather been surely placed in the heart of the client through projecting feelings and emotions and in a few instances, flashing the rings discreetly. Quelle classe.

6. The initiative shows an integrated multi-media campaign with a well though-out strategy and excellent execution across web, mobile, print, video, tablet and other peripherals. Social media tools and interactive media platforms have also been integrated to give a 360° access to this worthy brand experience.

7. There is a takeaway! It is often said that to make guests happy eternally, you have to give them something to take home. In addition to the blissful experience on this website, visitors can also download the love soundtrack for free (for a limited time). Hurry before it’s too late!

You may be wondering if it’s all roses for us in Tiffany land. Well, after a thorough search, we found only two downsides; the website is limited to only an English-speaking audience, which is a pity; and there is no indication of an extended experience from the website to the real physical world of Tiffany’s, perhaps through the stores or a rep, which is also a shame.

But overall, this website rocks and has become arguably the digital luxury platform that comes close to rivaling Burberry’s Art of the Trench in originality and execution. Tiffany & Co surely shows that it has grasped how people interact with the web and digital platforms today. Bravo to the team. We will be on the lookout for your version 2.0!

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