Here Comes the Asian Star By Uché

Once in a while we come across a designer, product, concept or initiative that makes our hearts palpitate with excitement and our emotions charged with delight. Sometimes it is the design of a product or collection; at other times it is the concept of a store; and in some cases it is the innovation behind a new idea or the imagination that has gone into creating something out of nothing. We are also sometimes enticed by the designers and creators themselves who have fashioned extraordinary results from their creative bubbles.

We will like to share one such recent discovery, the Trapped Cinderella collection of couture gowns and dresses, by the young Malaysian designer Jovian Mandagie. Crafted entirely by hand with delicate materials that include silks, laces, chiffon and real ostrich and turkey feathers, this collection was presented on the runway by models parading inside equally imaginative objects that include decorated wooden bird’s cages and protective helmet-like wooden cases.

Jovian Mandagie may not be Karl Lagerfeld (not yet, at least), but he sure has talent and imagination.

To learn more about this rising designer, click here.

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