Books, Journals and Articles, on the business and creative sides of luxury.

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    Luxury Online By Uché Okonkwo

    Luxury Online – Styles, Systems, Strategies, is the first book to critically analyze the business of luxury in the context of the internet, digital media, new technologies and innovation.

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    Luxury Fashion Branding By Uché Okonkwo

    Luxury Fashion Branding – Trends, Tactics, Techniques, is the first book that addresses the business of luxury from a strategic viewpoint.

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    Fashion Brands By Mark Tungate

    Fashion Brands: Branding Style From Armani To Zara by Mark Tungate shows that once a luxury that only the elite could afford, fashion is now accessible to all.

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    The Cult Of The Luxury Brand by Radha Chadha

    The Cult Of The Luxury Brand is the first book to explore how and why an amazing “luxeplosion” is rocking Asia.

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    The Brand Glossary by Interbrand

    Recognizing that branding is increasingly accepted as a vital and valuable management function.

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    Brands and Branding by The Economist

    Brands and Branding shows that although the balance sheet may not even put a value on it, a company’s brand, or its portfolio of brands, is its most valuable asset. For some companies the brand can account for as much as 70 percent of its market value.