Splintered Stars, Frozen Tears of the Gods, or Royal Asscher Diamonds?

Published on 28th March 2014

Diamonds have fascinated and charmed mankind since the beginning of times. Splintered stars, as the Greeks would call them, or frozen tears of the Gods, diamonds are in reality crystallizations of carbon, formed by the same process as the one that results incoal. However, it is precisely the rarity of these ‘reflections of light’ that makes them so special and precious.

And among diamonds, there are those that stand out due to their exceptional beauty, spectacular brilliance and undeniable glamour. The Royal Asscher Diamonds subscribe to these attributes. A renowned diamond dynasty with a 160 year old legacy of diamond innovation, the company was honored with the royal prefix granted by the Dutch Royal Family. The Royal Asscher Diamonds are considered to be of exceptional quality and rarity due to the outstanding craftsmanship and the high-standards imposed in terms of carat, colour, clarity and cut. The unique signature cut surpasses industry standards and is the result of work spanning across several years and generations. In 1999, Edward and Joop Asscher decided to investigate the possibility of improving the original Asscher Cut designed by their great-grandfather. With the help of modern technology and after two years of research and consultation, the Royal Asscher Cut was born.

Royal Asscher presents innovative designs with their every collection. The designer, Reena Ahluwalia, is the winner of several international and national awards for her creations. She is renowned for her feminine, fluid and sensual style with a hint of edge. Her passion for jewellery, sketching and arts and crafts shows through in her designs and guides her throughout the creative process, her goal being ‘to create an extraordinary experience for all who love Royal Asscher’.

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